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Las Termas Romanas

At the foot of the Castle, in the 1st century A.D., the Romans built  an important thermal complex which would be used until the 4th century.

The singularity of the thermal baths in Alhama lies in the fact that there is a complex with two different areas: one for recreational use and the other one for the medicinal bath, with separated spaces for each sex.

In the recreational area, the typical bathrooms of the Roman world are preserved with gradual change of temperature. However, the changing room (apodyterium) has disappeared.

These rooms preserve the restored original structures from 2000 years ago: the cool room (frigidarium), warm room (tepidarium), heated room (caldarium) and a swimming pool. The rooms received the heat from a connection with an oven (praefurnium), from which the hot air circulated under the flooring and by the walls through corresponding air chambers.

The second thermal area is the mos important and is composed of two monumental domed rooms which got the water from El Baño spring. Both rooms are the centre of the complex, with a common swimming pool and skylights on the ceiling of each one to regulate the lighting and temperature of the thermal environment.

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